Free Lightsafe Platform

In an age where data management and security is paramount, Lightsafe's Management Platform rises above, offering a seamless experience entirely free of charge.


Why Opt for Lightsafe?

Cloud-first management interfaceZero Platform Costs: Dive deep into comprehensive data management without the hefty price tag. Access and utilize our powerful management platform without any charge.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutRobust & User-Friendly: Designed to cater both beginners and tech-savvy users, our platform enables you to effortlessly configure, categorize, and manage backups across countless machines.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutFeature-Rich Environment: From scheduling to retention, file selection to bandwidth-throttling, Lightsafe covers every detail. Enjoy advanced settings like VM selection, thread-count adjustment, and granular notification settings.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutRapid Deployment: Lightsafe's platform is designed for efficiency. Get started swiftly, manage configurations, and roll-out to your entire network using powerful scripts.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutTransparent Billing: While the platform is free, you only pay for the data you manage. No hidden costs, just clear, straightforward billing.


How to Get Started

  1. Easy Registration: Begin with a hassle-free sign up at zero cost

  2. Install the Agent: Navigate through our simple installation process, ensuring quick deployment

  3. Initiate Backup Processes: Dive into the platform, set your preferences, and let Lightsafe manage your data backup seamlessly

The beauty of Lightsafe's platform is its synergy of sophistication and simplicity. Whether you're handling backups for a small team or orchestrating data management for large enterprises, Lightsafe's platform is equipped to cater to all.

Elevate your data management experience without the financial burden. Try Lightsafe today!