How We Stand Out

In the world of cloud backup solutions, Lightsafe carves a distinct niche. Let's delve into how Lightsafe distinguishes itself from other prominent players in the market.

Unparalleled Cost Efficiency

Cloud-first management interfaceTransparent Pricing: With Lightsafe, what you see is what you get. We pride ourselves on no hidden fees and utmost clarity in our billing.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutCost-Effective for Scaling Horizontally: As businesses grow and add more machines, Lightsafe becomes increasingly cost-effective. Unlike some solutions that become costlier as you scale up, with Lightsafe, the more physical hosts you have, the more value you extract. Our pricing model becomes particularly advantageous for businesses or MSPs that expand sideways.

Cloud-first management interfaceStreamlined Storage Setup: Lightsafe integrates storage in the background, eliminating the need for complex third-party storage setup and separate billing.

Professional Backup & Security

Cloud-first management interfaceData Maintenance within Backup Window: Lightsafe efficiently manages backups, ensuring most data processing occurs within the backup window, leading to consistent and reliable backup timings.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutDisaster Recovery and Uptime: Get your business back up and running in the shortest time possible after a data loss. Lightsafe's unique self-healing technology also avoids the need to reseed data in the event of local agent corruption.

Cloud-first management interfaceNo Risky Oversights: Other solutions can sometimes leave room for security lapses, especially during setup. With Lightsafe, security practices are transparent and user-friendly, minimizing the risk of unintended errors.

Ease of Setup and Management


Cloud-first management interfaceIntuitive Platform Organization: Lightsafe organizes by resource, ensuring efficient management without the confusion of navigating scattered settings.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutData Sovereignty: Where your data is stored can be crucial. Lightsafe gives you the flexibility to choose your data storage regions (US East, US West, EU).

Flexibility and Transparency


Cloud-first management interfaceGranular Control: Lightsafe offers detailed backup and storage control without hiding anything behind automated processes.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutClarity on Encryption: Our encryption processes are upfront. Once a master encryption key is set, Lightsafe ensures users are aware of its significance and will nag if test-backups are not completed.