Free Lightsafe Restore

In a digital landscape where every byte of data is critical, having an effective and efficient restore solution is essential. Lightsafe’s Restore functionality ensures that your data revival process is not only robust, but you only pay for the data you restore.


Why Choose Lightsafe?

Cloud-first management interfaceNo Additional Software Needed: Our Restore functionality is natively integrated into the Agent. No need for additional installations or complex setups.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutPay Only For Data: While the restore tool is free, you only pay for the data you backup & restore. Transparency is at the heart of our pricing model.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutCost-Efficient Restoration: Why incur extra costs for data retrieval? With Lightsafe, restore your data at rates more affordable than big players like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutTailored Restoration: Dive into specific point-in-time backups, ensuring you retrieve exactly what you need. Whether it's a single file or a batch from a particular date, Lightsafe has got you covered.


How It Works

  1. Begin with Lightsafe: Sign up effortlessly, at no cost

  2. Backup Your Data: Use our intuitive platform to secure your data

  3. Test the Waters: Experiment with the restore functionality to get a firsthand experience of its efficiency and ease-of-use

Data loss can strike at any moment, but with Lightsafe's Restore functionality, you have a reliable companion to get your operations back on track swiftly. By blending simplicity with robustness, we ensure your restore processes are smooth and reliable.

Don't just back up your data, ensure you can restore it seamlessly. Experience the power of Lightsafe today!