Example Lightsafe Bill

Navigating billing can sometimes be a challenge, but with Lightsafe, we aim for clarity and transparency. Let's dive into how Lightsafe's billing works through a practical example.


Charges Breakdown

Fast, simple setup & rolloutLicensing: Absolutely no costs; all our software is free

Fast, simple setup & rolloutBackup: First 50TB charged at $0.0055/GB/month; beyond 50TB, it's just $0.005/GB/month

Fast, simple setup & rolloutRestore: A flat rate of $0.01/GB

Fast, simple setup & rolloutOptional Local Backup: A nominal $10/machine/month


Real-World Example

Consider a customer backing up a little over 80TB of data across 25 servers. They've opted for Local Backup on one machine and restored approximately 726GB of data during the month. Here's how the billing would look:

Subscription / ServiceQuantityUnit RateAmount
Cloud Backup Tier 1 - First 50TB 50,000 GB $ 0.0055/GB $ 275.00
Cloud Backup Tier 2 - Beyond 50TB 30,516 GB $ 0.005/GB $ 152.58
Local Backup (Optional) 1 Machine $ 10/Machine $ 10.00
Cloud Restore 726 GB $ 0.01/GB $ 7.26
TOTAL $ 444.84

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Cancellation & Grace Period

Your commitment to us is flexible. Charges are applicable for any portion of a calendar month. If you choose to cancel, you're provided a grace period, after which data will be removed from the cloud.