The Lightsafe Platform

Lightsafe revolves around two pillars: the Platform and the Agent.

dashboard1.jpgThe Platform: This is your command centre for configuring and overseeing backups across your network. Accessible via, it's designed for simplicity.

Profiles & Machines: Profiles represent machine groups. Upon signup, create your first profile, which can be renamed or restructured anytime. Once the Agent is installed on a device, it shows up here.

Configuring its backup settings is a breeze.


Dashboard showing Profile and Machines


Editing a machine's backup settings

Simply click on a machine in order to configure it.  You can choose from a number of tabs to control settings such as schedule and retention, as well as the specific files, folders and virtual machines to backup.




Tailored notifications ensure you stay updated. Define notifications by account, profile, or event type. You have the freedom to customize alerts based on your preference.

For example, you might have all machines in a particular Profile send email notifications to a particular staff member - and only if a backup has failed. 

And you might override this by having a particular machine send updates to an additional member of staff: notifications are flexible and granular, for your peace of mind.