Lightsafe Local Backup

While Lightsafe's cloud backup offers robust and encrypted data protection, we understand the needs of diverse businesses. For organizations that value having an additional layer of protection or wish for quicker data access, our Local Backup option stands ready.


Why Consider Lightsafe Local Backup?

Cloud-first management interfaceDual Data Assurance: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your data both in the cloud and locally stored. It's a belt-and-suspenders approach to data safety.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutEncrypted Local Storage: Your local backup is encrypted with the same rigour as your cloud data, ensuring consistency in protection across storage platforms.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutGeographical Redundancy: Ensure your data-storage policy is compliant with corporate requirements by configuring immutable copies in secondary or tertiary locations.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutParallel Backups: Efficiency is key. Local backups are executed simultaneously with cloud backups, ensuring no lag in data synchronization.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutFlexible Restoration: With Local Backup, you have the flexibility to restore data either from your local storage or from the cloud, depending on your needs.


Pricing and Details

Fast, simple setup & rolloutOptional Service: While your data is securely stored in the cloud, Local Backup is available for those who want that extra layer of redundancy. It's an optional service, charged at a competitive rate of £10/machine/month.

Fast, simple setup & rolloutA Mirror, Not A Replacement: Emphasizing our cloud-first approach, the Local Backup serves as a mirror of your cloud data. It’s essential to note that standalone Local Backup without the accompanying cloud backup is not supported.


How It Works:

  1. Opt For Local Backup: During your setup or at any stage, choose the Local Backup option

  2. Parallel Processing: As you backup data to the cloud, a simultaneous backup begins locally

  3. Access or Restore: Whether it's for quicker access or restoration, your local backup stands ready

By offering Local Backup, Lightsafe ensures that businesses have multiple recovery points and an added assurance against data loss scenarios. Choose what suits your organization best, and we'll ensure it works seamlessly.